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Shay Ali


Shay is more than just your generic south Asian wing man, he's a passionate, good humored, learned actor who is forging his own path in the crazy, unpredictable business that is Hollywood. He's made his way from appearing in a myriad of brand name commercials, to guest star roles on popular TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory and Jane the Virgin and now finding his place in theatrical feature films as in Lucy in the Sky, staring along side Natalie Portman and Jeffrey Donovan.

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William Kamp III


William has made his mark in Hollywood as being the problem solver while painting beautiful images with his crafting tool, the camera. Filming a 2hr movie in 1 continuous shot: that's no small feat. William, with his company Flash Box Films, has shot and produced a myriad of Adventure style reality TV shows and social media content for institutions like Natural Geographic and celebrities like Zack Efron. Whatever adventures he pursues, his goal is to capture compelling and captive narratives that explores human nature in both its natural, and un-natural habitats.

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Trenyce is a Grammy-nominated singer and actor who began her career on American Idol where she won the admiration and hearts of fans with her renditions of Whitney Houston songs. Since then she has appeared in numerous musical stage productions; notably Michael Jackson’s “Thriller Live” in London, and “Motown” as Diana Ross.

It was a supreme pleasure to sit and chat with Trenyce about life as an Idol; the honor she had singing and portraying her own idols and her passion about educating future performers on how to best prepare them for the world of entertainment; not only in how to improve their craft, but all aspects including taking care of their physical, mental, and financial health.

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Max E Williams


Max is an actor of TV and Film for more than twenty years in Hollywood. He has been on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, NCIS and much more. Max is also a writer and says you should be on the look out for an up-coming project called Money Riders, which is currently in development.

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Also why not check out Max as Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire at the Odyssey Theater Ensemble. Previews start May 25th 2019